Product Designer


Me, in a nutshell


I am a product designer with an M.Sc. degree in IT Product Design at SDU Denmark and over 3 years of experience in both agency and corporate environments as UX designer, strategist and product manager. I am experienced in all stages of UX / UI design and I have designed and shipped complex products and features.

I currently work as a product manager and designer at an HR software startup, Kolay. My role in the company is a changing mix of titles and responsibilities.


Having started as UX Designer, I tried to raise awareness of design, usability and accessibility principles. I also integrated user research and analytics tools into product development workflow to make the company more data-informed.

I later took over the UI design works and my title was then updated to product manager. As product manager / designer, I led projects for designing new features as well as complete desktop apps.

I previously worked at a UX design agency as a UX designer / strategist, where I got to experience higher-level thinking, by focusing on products as systems and defining their experience strategy.

I have a background in Japanese studies. This is why I tend to adopt Japanese design approaches in my product design workflow, which I got to experience at NTT Communications in Tokyo, Japan.


You can download my CV / resume here