About Me

I’m a product designer/manager with an M.Sc. degree in IT Product Design at SDU Denmark and 5 years of industry experience. I’ve worked on complex web apps for HR, workforce scheduling, compensation reviews, talent management, and more.

Within these five years, I’ve worked as a UX strategist, a UX team of one, and a product designer/manager hybrid. I’ve helped ship products and features to thousands of users and hundreds of clients, by solving complex problems day to day. Meanwhile, I've also done several freelance web design jobs as well as taking part in online co-innovation projects from which I won several awards.

My unique education and career track demonstrate my willingness and capability to take on new challenges, and I am more than open to new ones.


- Extensive experience with consumer-facing digital products and B2B platform design.
- Taking broad, conceptual ideas and turning them into useful and valuable products.
- Building and shipping applications or software at the level of whole features/products that encompass an end-to-end experience.
- Using prototyping skills to demonstrate how a particular flow or interaction will work.
- Visual Design skills with proficiency in typography, desktop/mobile UI, color, layout, iconography, and aesthetic sense and how these elements impact product function.
- Leading product direction and strategic thinking while developing product goals, identifying opportunities, and making decisions based on the impact on people and the company.
- Operating in a highly agile/scrum environment.
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