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Leave balance widget for Kolay


Leave balance widget for Kolay

Leave (time off) management lies at the core of human resources and any HR application. Kolay's dashboard was mainly composed of manager-oriented widgets that provide shortcuts or information about leave, overtime and advance payment requests. Thus, many users complain about not being able to see important information such as leave balance on the dashboard, the screen that welcomes you after login.

In response to that, we set out to put a widget to the dashboard so that users can see their leave balance and recent leave requests at a glance.


I created various alternates for during the ideation stage. At first, I was in favor of donut charts, but after some research and thinking, I was convinced it was not as easy to read as clear numbers.

Leave balance is something that one counts down. As the user uses the balance, it shrinks. That is why it made sense to use a countdown chart.



In order to provide a better documentation for the development team, I created all possible states of the widget. In addition, I also updated the balance chart on the employee profile section so that its design would be consistent with the widget.

Screen Shot 2019-07-13 at 4.28.24 PM.png

The widget is composed of two sections; the balance chart and the “recent leaves” section where the most recent five leaves, their type and approval status are displayed.

The final design

The final design