Logo concept for TUA, Turkish Space Agency (Türkiye Uzay Ajansı)
About 4 years ago, I imagined what the logo for the back then fictional Turkish Space Agency would look like, and shared it as a "what if" concept, without knowing that such agency was actually in the works. Now that it is officially established, I felt the need to rethink my idea and to iterate on it.
Evolution of the logo
On the far left, the original concept. The other three are the results of the recent ideation.
Day & Night version​​​​​​​
The turquise color provides a nice day-night dynamic with the default logo color, the midnight blue. 
Flag version
Benefiting from the crescent and the star placed on the canvas, the red-heavy gradient perfectly recreates the Turkish flag on the "sky".
Planetary overlays
The circular layout of the logo components provides the opportunity for further creative exploration, such as overlays for planetary objects. 
Application samples
Without having a proper brand system, merely applying the logo on objects is not sufficient but I still wanted to play with it.
Space background image from https://www.solarsystemscope.com/textures/
Pin mockup by @nhatnguyends

Other Works

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