About the project:

Ambient soundscapes is my soundtrack for focused work. I even sync the sounds with the time of the day; singing birds by a riverside for the day and crickets by the fire for the night.

In addition to the dedicated albums, I use apps like Naturespace and Pure Nature. As a long-term PC user and a Windows Insider, I am quite acquainted with Microsoft's productivity vision and how it aligns Windows and other software with that goal. This is why I believe Windows (and why not Mac?) should provide a built-in ambient sound tool to aid users to become more focused and productive.

Windows Ambience is a fruit of this belief. It is a conceptual Windows 10 feature that would allow users to listen to various ambient soundscapes. What makes it interesting in terms of business is that Microsoft could provide branded and exclusive soundscapes. One step further, soundscapes from endangered habitats could be used to raise awareness and thus contribute to the corporate image (are you reading this Microsoft?).

Below is a Microsoft style presentation of the idea:

Windows is either a registered trademark or a trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

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